Animation Dictation

Animation Dictation is a exclusive! The speaking character (designated by Plaintiff, Witness, Court or Defense) lights up, signifying that they are the person speaking. It's less distracting and longer lasting than a standard video. Plus, you get the added convenience of having it emailed to your home computer for easy use!

Animation Dictation will be delivered via email as a file attachment. Just open the file and listen through your computer’s speakers or headphones. You can stop and start the dictation with a click of your mouse! When you've concluded your practice session, delete the file, or save it for future use!

Every Monday you will recieve 10 minutes of dictation delivered to your email address. Beside each item is an "Order Now!" and a "PayPal" button. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, simply press the "Order Now!" button and your PC e-mail will automatically compose a letter to, notifying us of the package you want. Press your e-mail "send" button. To pay with PayPal, just press the "PayPal" button to add the selected item to your shopping cart. You may then continue shopping or check out. It's as simple as that!

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4 weeks (40 minutes) - $14.95
8 weeks (80 minutes, plus FREE Names and Numbers) - $29.90

160 4-Voice

(4 weeks) (8 weeks)
170 4-Voice

(4 weeks) (8 weeks)
180 4-Voice

(4 weeks) (8 weeks)
190 4-Voice

(4 weeks) (8 weeks)
200 4-Voice

(4 weeks) (8 weeks)