Audio Speed Shifter

Sorry, but this item is no longer available.

The Steno Speed Shifter is an audio file player - MP3 and WAV files.  But it allows you to change the tempo of the dictations you're playing.  Big deal, right?  But WAIT!

      The Steno Speed Shifter is much more.  It allows you to basically program an audio file before you play it!  So you can program it to start a dictation at regular speed, then raise the tempo 5% at 30 seconds...then another 3% at 50 seconds...the down 10% at 80 get the idea!  You don't have to do a thing once the audio is playing - it makes the speed changes automatically! It's a great program for practicing "pyramid" dictations - getting faster, then slower.  And it comes with "Tempo Templates" already built in that you can just load, if you don't feel like creating them.

The Steno Speed Shifter is THE MP3 player that every steno student should have.  Gradual speed increases for a push - gradual decreases for control.  I'm really proud of this one! There's an image of the Steno Speed Shifter below.  The cost is $22. That's a one-time fee payable through PayPal. The program will be emailed to you upon order verification.

This program does NOT come with any dictations. And it will NOT work with the 4-voice animations.