Name Droppers

Name Droppers is a game that you install on your computer - hook up your CAT software - then play.

The year is 2089. A group of court reporting students is on their way to the NCRA convention on the moon. But just as their space bus hits 4,000 feet, the back door opens and they all come tumbling out! Now it's up to ground control (YOU!) to snatch each student from the sky with your steno guidance control system and help them to safety. Yes, that's the best story I could come up with - you have a better one?!

Basically, you spell each name as it comes down. You have to spell all the names before they hit the water. There are 10 speeds from very slow to very fast. And your scores and percentages are given to you at the end. Maybe the best part - you get to make up your own word lists to spell! Some will come pre-loaded with the game, but you can make more on your own.

Let me say one more thing - this IS NOT like a game you would get from a computer store. It's nothing fancy. There may even be a typo or two in the instructions. I made this myself - what do you want from me! Before this, I knew nothing about programming. But it does work and it does let you work on your spellings - that's what matters. It comes with instructions for use with caseCATalyst4 (StenoKeys) and Eclipse. I'm sure it works with other CAT programs that have word processor capabilities, but I failed to get that exact info - I tried, but emails were never returned : )

Below is an image from the game. The game is only $11.95 through the PayPal link below, and comes as an email attachment - NOT shipped through the mail.

This game is now "Play then Pay!" Because some computer systems have had issues playing this game, you can download it for free. If it works, we ask that you come back to pay for it using the PayPal button below.

Download Link

Open up the zip file, move the folder to your desktop, then read the "Welcome" and "Read First" files.